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About Collector's Cat

Collector's Edition Cat was created to provide an easy way to preserve and promote collector's edition releases while keeping you up to date with them, see if they're worth to buy, or if you are missing any content. Or maybe, you know, just to have fun with the stats.

Its a page built by scratch, so it took an awful lot of work to make it as a side project (first code and domain dates back to Jan 2017).

I hope you enjoy it, or find it useful, share it and, why not, try to help expand the material. I do accept donations, but you beign a collector will find it difficult to spare some coins, so feel free to donate wathever you don't want to get a hold of missing material for the database will be awesome, but anything that we can save in our archive will be more than welcome.

About me

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Hello, I'm .

I'm a media developer based in Barcelona, that has worked and lived all over Europe.

I do freelance work for companies that need webpages, catalogues, videos or product shots. Or all together. I develop their products by myself, bottom to top, from design to programming, creating media by capturing and animating.

Pretty cool, uh?... might think, but its an awful lot of work.

On my free time I enjoy playing and collecting videogames.

That's why I decided to spend an awful lot of time more (sigh) creating this website as a reference for all the collector's editions out there. So don't critizice my work you pricks.

About Moka

Moka is around the page giving you hints or guiding you through.

The rest of the time, Moka is a jerk.

He enjoys scratching things and ignoring your futile petting attempts. Just look at the bastard, sitting down there grinning.