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Get in touch with us! [But don't expect Moka to pay any attention].

Help us!

Collector's Cat is more than a page with nice pics.

We want to preserve and promote all sorts of collector's physical media releases in an archive, and for that reason, we need as much help as possible.

You can help us (me & Moka) in different ways!

Help with a partnership!

If you are a company, and you want your product featured, please get in touch with us!
We'll provide high-res pics, healthy backlinks, a social media push, and a big, big, thank you!
What - a - deal!

You'll just need to send us your product release, and we will feature it in the page and promote it.

Get in touch with us at

Help donating material!

Maybe you have a spare collector's edition stored away, or maybe you want to get rid of some of your stuff. Either way, check if we are missing some of those goodies on our list, and ship'em out to us. We'll make your name/nick appear on the game description, and you'll be part of this page *forever! (*until digital media gets us out of business!).

It doesn't matter what platform, year or region. If its not in very well condition or missing any components we'll try and get them all complete and in shape, and make them part of the database.

Heck, even if we already have them, or they're just regular editions, we'll also appreciate it!

Our address is:

@ Collector's Cat
C/ Sant Agusti 5, 2A
08012, Spain

Yes, just 10 min away from the city center! Privileges huh!

You can even include a real-life present for the real-life Moka, feel free!.

Help with the page!

Collector's Cat is currently on beta, so we appreciate any feedback regarding errors or other suggestions.
If you find anything or you think of any improvements we can implement, please send it to us, and if you can, please attach an screenshot of the issue (I'll really appreciate it).

Feel free to contact us at