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Pic Edition Developer Platforms Weight Volume Release Date
Agarest: Generations of War thumbnailAgarest: Generations of WarCollector's Edition[PAL]Idea FactoryCompile HeartRed EntertainmentPS3370g638cm³2009-10-30
Agarest: Generations of War 2 thumbnailAgarest: Generations of War 2Collector's Edition[PAL]Compile HeartIdea FactoryRed EntertainmentPS3367g686cm³2012-08-31
Agarest: Generations of War Zero thumbnailAgarest: Generations of War ZeroCollector's Edition[PAL]Compile HeartRed EntertainmentIdea FactoryPS3300g587cm³2011-08-26
Akiba's Beat thumbnailAkiba's BeatNEET edition[PAL]AcquirePS4PSV619g3000cm³2017-05-19
Alan Wake thumbnailAlan WakeCollector's Edition[PAL]Remedy EntertainmentX360893g1755cm³2010-05-14
Alone in the Dark thumbnailAlone in the DarkLimited Edition[PAL]Eden GamesCOMX360784g4687cm³2008-06-20
BlazBlue: Chronophantasma Extend thumbnailBlazBlue: Chronophantasma ExtendChibi Heroes Edition[PAL]Arc System WorksPS3XONEPS4PSV499g3081cm³2015-10-23
Bravely Second: End Layer thumbnailBravely Second: End LayerCollector's Edition[PAL]Silicon Studio3DS1959g9204cm³2016-02-26
Chaos;Child thumbnailChaos;ChildGigalomaniac Edition[PAL]5pb.PS4PSV512g1109cm³2017-10-13
Corpse Party: Blood Drive thumbnailCorpse Party: Blood DriveHeavenly Host Edition[PAL]5pb.PSV453g908cm³2015-10-20
Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII thumbnailCrisis Core: Final Fantasy VIISpecial Edition[PAL]Square EnixPSP299g593cm³2008-06-20
Dark Souls thumbnailDark SoulsLimited Edition[PAL]From SoftwareX360PS3344g753cm³2011-10-30
Dark Souls II thumbnailDark Souls IIBlack Armour Edition[PAL]From SoftwareX360COMPS31591g13113cm³2014-03-14
Dark Souls III thumbnailDark Souls IIICollector's Edition[PAL]From SoftwareCOMPS4XONE2799g18248cm³2016-04-12
unavailable thumbnailDead Island: RiptideSpecial Edition[PAL]TechlandX360COMPS32543g17972cm³2013-04-26